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Alchemy CATALYST Advanced Translation Memory

Alchemy CATALYST is a visual localization environment that supports every aspect of the localization workflow. It helps organizations accelerate their localization process, reaching new markets quicker than their competitors, and creating new revenue opportunities for them.

Alchemy CATALYST logo

Create a Global Presence

High quality translation of products and services is crucial to the success of multinational organizations. It is a key factor in growing market share, increasing revenue, and creating brand loyalty. Today's highly competitive markets require translation solutions that lower overall costs, reduce time-to-market, and improve quality.

Visual Localization Solution

Alchemy CATALYST meets the challenges of enterprise localization head-on. Thanks to its powerful visual localization environment and advanced translation memory technology, global organizations can localize their products and services faster and more efficiently than ever before, while also improving translation quality and reducing costs.

Advanced Translation Memory Technology

Business content such as websites, help systems, and software applications is highly repetitive. Translation memory ensures that no sentence ever needs to be translated twice. Alchemy CATALYST increases translation accuracy while dramatically reducing localization schedules by recycling up to 70% of previous translation work.


Alchemy CATALYST introduces innovative new technologies which drives more productivity for translators, engineers and testers. As an example, the introduction of the Alchemy Desktop TM ensures that Project Managers can processs multilingual projects quickly and efficiently. Combine this with the new Alchemy Scheduler, multilingual Analysis and Clean Up experts, predictive type and extended machine translation capabilities, Alchemy CATALYST, once again, sets the standard for what a TM evironment should deliver.

Advanced Desktop TM

A new multilingual desktop TM engine that delivers high performance lookups, super-fast concordance searching and full contextual storage of translation assets.

PerfectMatch Translations

Provides better than "100% match" translations by matching context and location of previous translations. No configuration required, it's an intrinsic feature of the new Alchemy desktop TM technology.


Work faster and process more files than ever before! Use the Alchemy Scheduler to run experts, such as Analysis and Leverage, as background tasks on your desktop, while you continue to work in Alchemy CATALYST.

Alchemy CATALYST Scheduler

Machine Translation

Combine the power of Machine Translation with the flexibility and certainty of Translation Memory! Connectors for Google Translate and PROMT are freely available.

Seamless Migration of TMs

Migrating from a legacy text-based TM solution? Your investment is secure, with TM connectors for virtually any TM formats available.

Maximize Translation Re-use

Work with several TMs simultaneously maximizing translation re-use and reducing your costs!

Alchemy CATALYST TMs and MTs

Open Standards

Even more support for standards such as XLIFF (bilingual interchange format), TBX (terminology exchange), TMX (translation memory exchange) and TXML (GlobalLink, Wordfast TM format)

One Solution, many formats

With support for 170+ document types, use a single solution for all your translation needs

Supported Content Formats

Alchemy CATALYST supports over 170+ different software applications, help and Web file formats. And this can be extended by developing custom parsers using Alchemy ezParse technology.

    By Category:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Formats: C# Projects (*.csproj), C++ Projects (*.vcproj), Visual Basic VB Projects (*.vbproj). supported at source (pre-compile) or binary (no-compile necessary)

  • All Microsoft Desktop Development Platforms: Win32, Winx64, RC, RESX, .NET Binaries(2.0 and above), Visual Basic.NET, Microsoft WPF

  • Online Help Systems: Doc-2-Help, RoboHelp, MadCap Flare, Sun Help, Oracle Help, Microsoft Help 2.0 and 3.0

  • Mobile Computing Platforms: Android Application Packages (APK), Windows CE, Symbian, EPOC

  • JSON: Java Script Object Notation

  • Java Platforms: J2EE, J2SE, J2ME (JAR, WAR, EAR, MSG, PO, Properties, Class)

  • Content Files: HTML (and all derivatives PHP, ASP, JSP), XHTML, XML (including derivative ASP.NET, ASP, JSP and XSL), Markdown, MS Excel, DITA 1.0

  • Image format: Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)

  • Documentation Formats: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (*.doc(x)), Adobe FrameMaker (*.mif)

  • Design Formats: Adobe InDesign (*.idml), Microsoft Power Point (*.ppt(x))

  • Databases:Any DB supporting ODBC

  • Miscellaneous Files: ZIP archives, Multilingual Language Packs(.mui), Drivers (.sys), Control Panel Apps .cpl), ActiveX (.ocx), Multilingual Language Packs (.mui), Codec files (.acm, .ax), Screen Savers (.scr) and Borland Library Files (.dpl, .bpl), Microsoft Visual Studio Project files

  • By Extensions:

  • Android Application Packages (*.apk)

  • Binary Files (*.cab)

  • DDF Files (*.ddf)

  • Documentation Files (*.doc,*.docx,*.rtf,*.mif,*.ppt,*.pptx,*.pdf,*.idml)

  • ePub Files (*.epub)

  • Excel Files (*.xls,*.xlsx)

  • HTML Files (*.asp;*.aspx;*.flmsp;*.flpgl;*.flsnp;*.htm;*.html;*.hts;*.jsp;*.mht;*.php)

  • Help Files (*.chm)

  • Image Files (*.bmp;*.cur;*.gif;*.ico;*.jpeg;*.jpg;*.png;*.tif;*.tiff)

  • Java Binary Files (*.class;*.ear;*.jar;*.war)

  • JSON Files (*.json)

  • MadCap Flare Projects (*.flprj)

  • Markdown (*.md;*.markdown)

  • MS Help 2010 (*.msha;*.mshc)

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Project Files (*.csproj;*.vbproj;*.vcproj;*.vcxproj)

  • Resource Script (*.dlg;*.rc;*.rc2)

  • Resource Files (*.acm;*.ax;*.bpl;*.cpl;*.dll;*.dpl;*.exe;*.flt;*.msstyles;*.mui;*.ocx;*.scr;*.sys)

  • RoboHelp Projects (*.rhpj;*.xpj)

  • Text Files (*.ada;*.ali;*.bas;*.cnt;*.cob;*.cpp;*.css;*.csv;*.dfm;*.frm;*.h;*.hhp;*.hpj;*.htc;*.inc;*.ini;*.java;*.js;*.lng;*.pas;*.pl;*.po;*.properties;*.rss;*.smali;*.txt)

  • Xliff Files (*.xlf;*.xliff)

  • XLOLA Files (*.xlola)

  • XML Files (*.brs;*.ditamap;*.flaix;*.flbrs;*.flglo;*.flixl;*.flsfs;*.flskn;*.fltar;*.fltoc;*.flvar;*.glo;*.hhc;*.hhk;*.jpx;*.mcsyns;*.mfcribbon-ms;*.otf;*.props;*.resx;*.svg;*.tbx;*.tmx;*.toc;*.wml;*.xhtml;*.xml)

  • Wordfast Files (*.txml;*.txlf)

  • Compressed Zip Files (*.zip)

Customer Benefits

Alchemy CATALYST supports all aspects of the localization workflow, from translation, engineering, testing and project management. Using Alchemy CATALYST you can enjoy

Alchemy CATALYST environment screenshot
  • Huge Localization Costs Savings Using Alchemy's ezMatch™ Translation Memory technology ensures that you never translate a sentence twice and it can be re-used several times. This improves productivity and results in significant translation savings. Additionally, since ezMatch™ technology also re-uses layout information, you also enjoy significant productivity gains in localization engineering and testing. Savings of 50-60% are possible depending on the quality of your translation memories.

  • Higher Quality Translation Alchemy CATALYST hides the complexity of underlying technology and file formats, presenting text for translation in highly visual and contextually rich editing environments. This enables the translator to focus on the accuracy and precision of their translations, helping organizations improve the quality of their software applications and improving their corporate brand image.

  • Faster Release Cycles Alchemy CATALYST provides a powerful integrated localization environment for all your desktop, mobile and online applications. It integrates smoothly with all industry leading workflow solutions and interoperates with all industry standard TM technologies. This helps maximize translation re-use, reducing project cycles and improving your time to market. This gives you first leap advantage over your competitors and helps create new revenue opportunities for your business.

  • Rapid Return On Investment Organizations that have deployed Alchemy CATALYST within their localization workflow have enjoyed savings on direct translation costs combined with productivity gains in engineering and testing. Coupled with faster release times to international markets, these benefits make a rapid return on investment a certainty. In a typical deployment, a return on investment can be achieved in three to six months or shorter.
  • Developer/PRO
  • Localizer
  • Translator/PRO
  • Translator/LITE
  • Feature Grid
  • SDK

Alchemy CATALYST: Developer/Pro Edition

Alchemy CATALYST logo

Alchemy CATALYST: Developer/Pro Edition is the premiere software localization solution used by the world's most successful software development companies. It helps them expand their presence in international markets and create new revenue opportunities. Using the Alchemy QuickShip Expert, licenses of Alchemy CATALYST Translator/Lite can be provided FREE to large teams of translators so that they can scale their localization process with the growth of their business without any significant increase in their localization costs. Alchemy CATALYST: Developer/Pro Edition can be automated and integrated with build environments in an agile way to ensure simultaneous shipment of product in multiple languages.

Alchemy CATALYST SDKAlchemy CATALYST: Developer/PRO also includes the Alchemy Software Developer Kit (SDK), so you can build customised solution tailored to your precise requirements.

Here are some of Expert technologies included:

  • Analysis Expert: Predominantly used by Project Managers, this expert calculates the amount of translation re-use possible from a translation memory. This is used to calculate the total cost of translation project and to develop an outline project schedule.

  • Alchemy CATALYST Pseudo-Translate Expert
  • Clean Up Expert: This Expert is used to create Alchemy desktop TMs. It consolidates multiple project TTKs into a single, multi-lingual, portable desktop TM. This can then be used to archive all project translations in a single location and helps maximise the re-use of translations in future projects.

  • Leverage Expert: This Expert processes source files and uses Translation Memories to automatically apply translations to them. It helps clients maximise their return on investment by ensuring that any segment that has previously been translated is re-used. It supports both PerfectMatch and Fuzzy match technologies.

  • Validate Expert: Use this expert to automatically detect 90% of the errors commonly introduced during the translation and engineering process.

  • Pseudo Translate Expert: This expert is used by developers to verify that their software, web sites and online help systems can be easily translated. They also use it to verify that no hard-coded strings exist in software applications.

  • Layout Manager Expert: Layout Manager automatically creates localized layouts for translated software applications. It is highly efficient and accurate and has a dramatic impact on engineering and testing cycles.

  • Comparison Expert: Determining the scope of change is vital in planning localization projects. This expert identifies differences between projects and displays it is a very visual and easy to understand report.

  • Update Expert: This expert is used to replace a single file in a project with the latest version of that file. During the operation, this expert use the Leverage Expert and re-use as much translation from your TMs as possible.

  • Create package expert: This experts creates special translation bundles that can be sent to freelance translators. These translators can then use the free edition of Alchemy CATALYST to translate and engineer your software, online help or web site.

For the complete list of features, view the Feature Grid

Alchemy CATALYST: Localizer Edition

Alchemy CATALYST: Localizer Edition is the visual solution of choice for over 80% of the world's largest software development companies. It is used to reduce localization project cycle times, improve quality and speed up delivery of software applications into international software markets. Designed, specifically for the software localization engineer, it contains a fully integrated environment to assist in the localization engineering and testing of software, help and onlime web content.

Here are some of Expert technologies included:

    Alchemy CATALYST Leverage Expert
  • Analysis Expert: This expert calculates the amount of translation re-use possible from a translation memory. This is used to calculate the total cost of translation project and to develop an outline project schedule.

  • Leverage Expert: This Expert processes source files and uses Translation Memories to automatically apply translations to them. It helps clients maximise their return on investment by ensuring that any segment that has previously been translated is re-used. It supports both PerfectMatch and Fuzzy match technologies.

  • Clean Up Expert: This Expert is used to create Alchemy desktop TMs. It consolidates multiple project TTKs into a single, multi-lingual, portable desktop TM. This can then be used to archive all project translations in a single location and helps maximise the re-use of translations in future projects.

  • Validate Expert: Use this expert to automatically detect 90% of the errors commonly introduced during the translation and engineering process.

  • Pseudo Translate Expert: This expert is used by developers to verify that their software, web sites and online help systems can be easily translated. They also use it to verify that no hard-coded strings exist in software applications.

  • Comparison Expert: Determining the scope of change is vital in planning localization projects. This expert identifies differences between projects and displays it is a very visual and easy to understand report.

  • Update Expert: This expert is used to replace a single file in a project with the latest version of that file. During the operation, this expert use the Leverage Expert and re-use as much translation from your TMs as possible.

For the complete list of features, view the Feature Grid

Alchemy CATALYST: Translator/Pro Edition

Alchemy CATALYST Validate Expert

Alchemy CATALYST: Translator/Pro Edition is designed for professional translators that require a total visual solution for digital content and Microsoft Desktop, internet and mobile applications. Designed to seamlessly work with TRADOS desktop and enterprise technologies, you never have to translate the same sentence twice. It comes complete with Auto-Translate technology which ensures that you can re-use your translations from virtually any industry TM format. Using the award winning Validate Expert, it even scans your translations, identifying inconsistency errors and other software cosmetic errors, such as duplicate hotkeys and clipped texts and overlapping controls.

Focus on the precision and quality of your translation and be more productive, profitable and secure in knowing you are using the world's most popular visual localization solution for freelance professionals.

Here are some of Expert technologies included:

  • Analysis Expert: Predominantly used by Project Managers, this expert calculates the amount of translation re-use possible from a translation memory. This is used to calculate the total cost of translation project and to develop an outline project schedule.

  • Clean Up Expert: This Expert is used to create Alchemy desktop TMs. It consolidates multiple project TTKs into a single, multi-lingual, portable desktop TM. This can then be used to archive all project translations in a single location and helps maximise the re-use of translations in future projects.

  • Validate Expert: Use this expert to automatically detect 90% of the errors commonly introduced during the translation and engineering process.

For the complete list of features, view the Feature Grid

Alchemy CATALYST: Translator/Lite Edition

Alchemy CATALYST: Translator/Lite Edition is a FREE translation companion to the Alchemy CATALYST: Developer/Pro Edition. It allows TTKs to be distributed quickly and easily to multiple translators and provides them with visual previewers and interactive validators to ensure that the translation process is fast, smooth and error free.

Alchemy CATALYST: Translator/Lite Edition can be downloaded at www.alchemysoftware.com/translite.html. The product requires no dongle or hardware key, however can only be used successfully on Alchemy's QuickShip TTKs created using the CATALYST: Developer/Pro Edition.

Alchemy CATALYST: Translator/LITE is designed for the Professional translator and contains all the tools neccessary to focus on the translation precision and accuracy for software, help and online web content.

NOTE: For UI engineering and layout work, you will need to upgrade to Alchemy CATALYST: Translator/PRO Edition.

Features Translator/LITE Translator/PRO Localizer Developer/PRO
Development Languages and Platforms
Microsoft Win32 and Win64 Applications (.EXE, DLL, OCX, RC, DLG, MSI, MS Excel, MS Access) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Microsoft .NET 2.x and above Applications (.RESX, EXE, DLL, Language Assemblies.) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (.RESX, EXE, DLL, Language Assemblies) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Microsoft WPF Applications (BAML Resources), Silverlight Applications Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Microsoft Visual Studio Formats: CSharp C# Projects (*.csproj), C++ Projects (*.vcproj), Visual Basic VB Projects (*.vbproj). supported at source (pre-compile) or binary (no-compile necessary) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Online Help Platforms: MadCap Flare, Microsoft Help 2.0 & 3.0 Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Mobile Computing Platforms (Windows CE, Symbian, EPOC, PalmPilot) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Java Development Platforms (J2EE, J2SE, J2ME) (Property Files, Message Files, All encodings) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Database Content Platforms (MS SQL & Access, Oracle 8/9/10, IBM DB2) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Advanced Mark-up Languages (XML, XHTML, HTML, ASP and derivatives) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Programming Languages (Microsoft C, C++, Borland C, C++, Java, Javascript. CGI, Perl) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Generic Text Files (including UTF-8, UTF-16 encodings) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Documentation Files (.DOC, DOCX, IDML, MIF, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RTF) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Visual XLIFF 1.1 (XML Localization Interchange File Format) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Expert Technology
TM Manager Expert Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Analysis Expert   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Validate Expert   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Clean Up Expert   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Locks & Keywords   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Translation Alignment   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Lead/Trail Spaces   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Leverage Expert     Check icon Check icon
Update Expert     Check icon Check icon
Comparison Expert     Check icon Check icon
Pseudo Translate Expert     Check icon Check icon
ezScript Command Language     Check icon Check icon
Term Harvest Expert     Check icon Check icon
Online Review Expert     Check icon Check icon
Project Division     Check icon Check icon
Duplicates Expert     Check icon Check icon
Create Package Expert       Check icon
Layout Manager Expert       Check icon
Find & Replace Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Spell Checking Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Integrated use of Alchemy TMs (*.ttk, *.ppf, *.tm) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Integrated Glossary Lookup Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Custom localisable string list filters Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Reference Browser Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Context Links Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Statistics Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
PowerTranslate Features Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Concordance lookup Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Segment History Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
GlobalLink Project Director integration Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon
Scheduler   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Swap Languages   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Integrated use of All Translation Memories   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Predictive Text for Translators (ezType)   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Placeable Management   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Glossary and Supplementary Glossary Management   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Export Terminology (Tab-delimited, TBX, TMX, TRADOS)   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Integrated Machine Translation Services   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Automatic Online Validation   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Resize Dialog coordinates   Check icon Check icon Check icon
Save User profile     Check icon Check icon
Create ezParse™ Rules     Check icon Check icon
Create Data Source connections     Check icon Check icon
Project Manager     Check icon Check icon
Export to XLIFF       Check icon
Alchemy Software Development Kit (SDK)       Check icon

Alchemy Software Developer Kit

The Alchemy Software Developer Kit can be used to develop Alchemy CTALAYST extensions and applications. The SDK gives a developer access to the underlying functionality and data-objects of Alchemy CATALYST. Using the SDK a developer can build their own TM applications or create extensions to Alchemy CATALYST and customise it precisely to their requirements.

Alchemy CATALYST SDK Sample

For example, a developer can create custom code to check a segment for proper use of trademarks and add this extension to the Alchemy Validate Expert. Alternatively, a developer may want to enumerate the content of a Project TTK within Microsoft Excel so that a linguist can annotate translations.

Alchemy CATALYST Extensions

An extension is a custom code module that is 'called' by Alchemy CATALYST when a particular event occurs within the Alchemy CATALYST environment. For example, the event IValidation::OnProcess is called each time a segment is passed to the Alchemy Validate Expert.

A developer can replace this function with their own code which can be tailored to validate segments precisely to their requirements.

Alchemy CATALYST Applications

An application is a custom code module that 'calls' functionality within the Alchemy CATALYST environment.

For example, it is possible to develop an application that enumerates the contents of a Project TTK and converts it to an XLIFF document.

The significant point here is that an application 'calls' the functionality of Alchemy CATALYST whereas an extension is 'called' by Alchemy CATALYST when an event occurs.

NOTE: The Alchemy SDK comes included with the Alchemy CATALYST Developer/PRO Edition but does require a runtime license to deploy extensions and applications

What's New in Alchemy CATALYST 2023

With Alchemy CATALYST 2023, the innovation continues!

Already recognized for supporting the broadest range of software formats in the industry, Alchemy CATALYST 2023 pushes even further ahead.

Major new features include support for .NET 6 + binaries, including WinForms and WPF, native support for Markdown files, and enhancements for XLIFF and TBX files.

Major enhancements have been implemented into our XML Parser, with the automatic parsing of maximum length and our Segmentation engine, with the added possibility to include tags in custom delimiters.

Keep reading for a more detailed list of new features...

Alchemy CATALYST 2023 screenshot

File Support

.NETAlchemy CATALYST 2023 introduces visual support for .NET 5, .NET 6 and .NET 7 file formats, including executables, baml, resx and wpf files. Moreover, the .NET components have been upgraded to support future .NET releases.

MarkdownAlchemy CATALYST 2023 also introduces native support for Markdown files, including visual rendering.

Finally, also the Xliff parser has been updated, with the added support for XLIFF 2.0 .

Segmentation engine

Segmentation has been extended to the following types of resources: Win32 Strings tables, .NET String tables and DDF files.

Moreover, the segmentation engine now supports using tags as segments delimiters and Import/Export functions have been added to the segmentation dialog for easier management.


UI Enhancements

Navigator filter Context menu

Navigator: the navigator can now be filtered according to files status.

Translator Toolbar: the Reference area can be collapsed when no TM is attached, in order to gain more space for the windows in use.

Project Workspace: a new contextual menu has been added to the Projects' tab to facilitate common tasks such as closing multiple TTKs, opening containing folder, etc.

XML Parser

The XML parser has been further improved with the ability to automatically parse Max Length in files containing suitable fields or attributes for it.

In Catalyst 2023 you can localize XML files effortlessly parsing Memos, Inline tags, Context links and Max sizes.


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New features introduced in CATALYST 2021

Project Manager

The new Project Manager lets the user view the statistics of many TTK projects without opening them. The translation progress is displayed as a colored progress bar along with detailed statistics that can be exported to a file.

Project Manager

The comprehensive set of filtering and sorting functionality, together with the dynamic updating of the total wordcounts, makes this new pane a very powerful, easy to use and useful tool for any user who handles hundreds of TTK files.

New Experts

Duplicates ExpertThe new Duplicates Expert extracts duplicate segments across any number of TTK files into a duplicates TTK, at the same time marking the exported text in the source TTKs, in order to avoid translating the same text more than once.

After the translation phase, a new ad-hoc Leverage function applies the translated text to all the original TTKs.

Lead/Trail Spacees ExpertThe Lead/Trail Spaces Expert automatically detects and fixes all the segments where extra spaces at the extremeties were introduced during the translation phase.

File Support

RoboHelpAlchemy CATALYST 2021 brings its powerful features set to the world of RoboHelp Projects. Just drop in your .rhpj file to securely translate, visually engineer and confidently validate your RoboHelp projects.

ePUBThe .ePub e-book file format is supported by many e-readers and compatible software is available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers. Simply insert the file in your project and Catalyst recompiles its contents for translation.

Validation Expert

The Validation Expert has been enhanced with a new and quick way to store and load sets of Validation tests and settings: switching to a completely different set of tests has never been so easy.

Validation Expert

Moreover we enhanced the tests with the following options:

  • Glossary match only within specific inline tags: This check is an extension to the existing Glossary consistency check. Users may check in all segments or only against text found between ANY or specific inline tags.

  • Shunted inline tags test: Identify any segment where inline tags have been moved to the very start of the translation. This occurs during Leverage or Power Translate where fuzzy matches or differences of inline tags between source and TM force Catalyst to move inline tags to the front of the translation.

  • Incorrect spelling dictionary selection: Users no longer have to stop while in the middle of selecting from the list of validation checks to select a dictionary in Settings. This is now configurable from the Incorrect Spelling check.

Miscellaneous Features

JSON files: the JSON ezParse rules now support parsing elements as Memos of strings at the same level. Creating and editing a parsing rule is now easier thanks to the possibility to append new elements from different JSON templates. Finally, segmentation rules are now applied to JSON files too.

Images Management Images management: The management of projects including large amounts of images, such as MadCap and Robohelp projects, is made really easy with the Export and Import All images tool.

Users can export all images from an active project into a folder, maintaining the project's structure. This grants the ability to effortlessly harvest and review all images to send to an editor for localization needs. Once all images are returned, simply import back into the TTK project to apply localized graphics. Available as a ezScript™ Command Line too.

Faster saving time: With the industry continuously producing larger projects, changes were made to the TTK format to improve saving times. Catalyst now uses parallel processing whenever possible, maximizing the use of hardware resources.

Timestamp for translations: a Timestamp has been added to every segment in the String List View, to keep track of date and time of the latest change to the target text.

Automatic Get Translation: A toggle button has been added to the Translator Toolbar (Toggle Automatic Get Translation ) for users who wish to pre-populate every selected segment with any 100% match available in the Active TM & MT.


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Validation Results Pane

The Validation Results Pane provides an organized way to display the issues reported by the Validation Export or the Automatic Validation. Issues are added to the list where they can be grouped by Validation Test, Resource type, File, etc. and they can be searched and filtered. Moreover, issues are automatically marked fixed as you select and fix them.

Validation Results


Navigator The main Navigator has been enhanced with the following features:

1 Project file count: a simple but very useful addition to the Navigator window, a file count now shows the number of files inserted in the project.

2 Flexible Expand/Collapse of nodes: Expand and collapse nodes in the Navigator window without changing the selection in the string list, for a faster navigation. Use the CTRL key when clicking on nodes to expand/collapse recursively.

3 Right click option to copy file path: Collecting and sharing information is easier with the new command that lets you copy file path, file path & name or just file name.

4 Search and filter any text: Search any text in folders, filenames and resource names in the Navigator window.

Locks & Keywords Editor

Keywords files are now in xml format and they come with a brand new editing tool which makes it easier to setup, review and manage the rules to automatically set keywords and locks to your projects.

Keywords Editor

Miscellaneous UI Enhancement

Entries in the Results Windows can now be filtered by type (Info, Warning, Error) using the new toggle buttons at the top of the pane.

Moreover, as with the Navigator, the Results entries can be searched for any text.

Results Toggle Filters

The Translator Toolbar can now be customized: Source and Target edit controls can be vertically switched.

Translator Toolbar

Drag & drop TM and Glossaries: Simply drag & drop your Translation Memory and Glossary files into the appropriate locations. This includes attaching TM, MT, Glossaries, the Clean Up, Analyses, Validate and Leverage Experts!

Segments from frozen resources marked red: Segments from a Frozen resource in the Navigator window are easily identified with their Parent ID and ID displayed in red. This makes it easier for translator users to see why a segment cannot be edited!

Frozen Segments

Verifika Connector

VerifikaThis add-in enables Catalyst projects to be sent directly to the Verifika tool using the profile of your choice.

In order to use the Verifika Connector, Verifika must be installed and a valid registration key applied. The Verifika Connector is included by default in the Developer/Pro edition.

Contact sales@alchemysoftware.com to inquire about getting the Verifika component added to your license if using the Localizer or Translator/Pro edition.

New features introduced in CATALYST 2019

New Translator Toolbar Layout

The Translator Toolbar has been re-designed with a cleaner look that facilitates focusing on the translation activity. Changes to the Reference pane will make it easier to spot differences between the Source text and the Reference text, while the color coded percentage match will further speed up the translator's job.

A new character-based algorithm to highlight the text differences replaces the old word-based algorithm.

Translator Toolbar

Properties and Terms panes

Properties Pane

Properties and Glossary Terms have been given their own dockable panes, so that both can be visible at the same time, and moved to any position.

The new Properties pane has been completely re-designed and now it includes

- a main Memo field

- a New Translator Note field, where translators or reviewers can add a note to the project manager, without modifying the main memo.

Both fields can be collapsed and both change background color when they contain text: a little touch that facilitates browsing through the TTKs.

The properties values are now displayed in rows which make it easier to spot modified values (shown as bold)

Terms Pane

TTK compression

Catalyst 2019 introduces a new compression algorithm for TTK files which dramatically reduces the file size for Translation Toolkits projects. Moreover, the user can decide the compression rate to use, optimizing speed vs final size.

TTK Compression

The minimum compression settings still generate smaller TTK files than previous versions. The highest compression, while taking longer, produces the smallest files and should be used before transferring files over the network.

Text Parser Enhancements

Catalyst's powerful Text Parser has been further enhanced with the possibility to automatically parse Reference links (to images, videos or extra documents) together with localizable text.

Moreover, the order of the parsing methods now can be changed by simply dragging and dropping.

Parse HTML inline tags: a new option is available to enable parsing HTML tags as inline in the same way they are automatically parsed for HTML and XML based files.

Text Parser

Acrolinx Sidebar

Acrolinx Sidebar functionality and Platform API have been added into Catalyst 2019. You can now validate your segments using the Acrolinx Sidebar. An Acrolinx login is necessary for this. Contact Acrolinx for more information.



Customers have often asked us for custom statuses or segment tags to mark segments at different stages of the localization process. Catalyst 2019 introduces the concept of segment Labels.

In Catalyst 2019 Labels are customizable color-coded tags that can be applied to segments, and used for various purposes: as a temporary way to mark strings during the localization workflow, for organizing the work during the review process, or as permanent way to mark certain segments for various reasons.

Labels are leveraged from older projects, stored in Alchemy .tm files, and can be used as a filter for advanced searches and the String List view. Moreover, Labels can be easily exported and imported to be shared within your team.

Labels Manager

TM Editing

Alchemy multilingual .tm files now can be opened and edited directly in Catalyst 2019, after the clean-up process. This in-demand feature will facilitate the management of your own TMs.

Group by Status

Another feature often requested by our customers is the re-introduction of a String List filter with all segments grouped by status. This feature, once available in older versions of Catalyst, had to be sacrified to use a new string list control that would support hundreds of thousands of segments.

Catalyst 2019 now has a new Group by Status filter which shows all segments, divided into status groups that can be easily expanded or collapsed (and still supporting hundreds of thousands of strings!)

Group by Status

XML Parser Enhancements

Catalyst's powerful XML parser has been dramatically enhanced:

  • Elements or Attributes can be parsed as Memos of other Elements

  • Elements or Attributes can be parsed as Context Links of other Elements

  • Selected elements can be parsed as HTML

  • Each CDATA element can be parsed with a different Text or HTML parser.

  • Elements can be multiselected and set to be parsed as HTML or Text.

XML parser

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Catalyst 2019 contains many other enhancements in every aspect of the software.
Here is a partial list:

  • Catalyst 2019 now supports High DPI monitors.

  • Visual View for documentation files (.doc, & .pdf), Powerpoint and XML based files.

  • HTML parsing for embedded content in .resx and WPF files.

  • Project Division enhancements.

  • Insert Files & Folders allows filtering, resulting in smaller TTKs.

  • Duplicates settings allow customization of digits and symbols to ignore during text comparison (applies to String List sorting, Inconsistent Translations tests, Duplicates translations)

New features introduced in CATALYST 12.0

New File Support

  • FrameMaker: Alchemy CATALYST 12 adds the ability to parse FrameMaker documents. From within FrameMaker, documents can be saved to the MIF interchange format. Localize this exchange format in CATALYST along with its software related product files to increase translation consistency and quality. Translated MIF files can be further edited in Adobe FrameMaker for any post-translation layout modification that may be required.

  • SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics are XML based files which are now added to the XML File group in the ezParse rules. Used widely in the web environment for its scalability, include this format to your localization projects and use the Visual View mode to review in your translations in context.

    SVG Files

Text based files enhancements

  • Parse memos and max length: The ezParse technology in Alchemy CATALYST 12 has been extended to offer the ability to parse memo and max length information. Using regular expressions and groups, you can now identify localizable segments to have either ID, Max Length and Memo.

    Text parser: memos and max length

  • Encoding selection on file extraction: A text based file can be inserted in Catalyst regardless of its encoding. However, depending on the language you are translating into, the encoding may not be suitable. Catalyst 12 now allows the user to select their desired text file format on extraction, e.g. UTF-8, UTF-8 without BOM, Unicode etc.

  • Visual view: CATALYST 12 enhances its standard as the best Visual Localization tool by adding the text based file format to the visual view. Work in split view mode to select individual segments for translation and instantly view it in context in the Visual View pane. This increases the quality of translations as the active segment is highlighted and reflects any change made in the translation toolbar.

Faster performance

  • New Leverage Expert engine and improved Fuzzy match results: This release introduces a new Leverage Expert engine (DICE). This brings not only faster performance but better matching results for fuzzy matches.

  • Faster string list display: A complete overhaul of the string list (in the workspace window) has been implemented bringing lighting fast speed to selecting resources in the Navigator window and displaying all the localizable strings within.

    String List filters controls

    You will find that coupled with the improvements made to the Filters, QuickFind and the Find & Replace features, this greatly enhances the user's experience working day to day on your CATALYST projects.

  • Faster Startup time: Several changes have been implemented to improve CATALYST 12's startup time.

  • Analysis Expert + customizable Fuzzy bands: As with the Leverage Expert, the Analysis Expert has been optimized for improved performance in calculating the leverage expectations from your available Translation Memory sources. This is reflected in much faster analysis. And to further enhance this invaluable tool, the Fuzzy band brackets are now configurable so you can evaluate word counts on your projects using only the Fuzzy bands agreed at your organisation or with your vendors.

UI Customization

Together with better performance, Catalyst 12 also introduces new ways to let the user customize the User Interface, globally via themes, or down to several single elements of the IDE. More themes and colors customizations will be available in the future.

GlobalLink Project Director connector

Project Director logo
Catalyst 12 introduces a new connector to integrate with GlobalLink Project Director, a web-based platform providing powerful business process automation, flexible integration capabilities, translation vendor management and project workflow capabilities. For more info and price plans, contact sales@alchemysoftware.com

Segment History

New Segment History: For the first time, CATALYST 12 will record all the changes made to every segment when saving a TTK. The records also include date/time and the user saving the TTK. This functionality, together with the new Segment History pane and the new Segment History filters in the string list, will allow determining what segments were modified by a certain user, or in a certain time frame, or when is the last date any segment was modified, etc. The new Segment History pane also allows comparing the several versions of a segment translation and re-applying an older version.

Segment History pane

Find and replace

The enhanced Find and Replace now allows searching for text in inline tags, keywords, context links, etc... and in segments filtered out by status or containing flags or locks. In other words, you'll have maximum flexibility in locating and modifying text even in the largest projects. Furthermore, two results windows are now available, allowing the user to move between each set of results without overwriting either.

New Features

  • Customizable string list filters: Filtering the string list to display only strings with specific statuses, locks, memos and other metadata is vital to efficiently manage your work whether you are a translator, reviewer or localization engineer. Together with a comprehensive list of built-in filters, it is now possible to create several custom filters including any possible segment statuses and metadata, for maximum flexibility. You may even share your favorite filters with colleagues by exporting your user settings.

    String List custom filters

  • Prevent modifying locks or MT in TTK projects: In some cases, locks have been removed by translators to translate strings which shouldn't have been. This often results in bugs in the localised version of the project. CATALYST 12 offers the ability to prevent locks from being removed (or added for that matter) in your project TTK. And this can even be password protected!

    Similarly, you may prevent the use of Machine Translation sources in the project if you do not accept the quality it offers. This is important considering a user can leverage translations from Machine Translation and mark all the strings with the For Review status, overwriting the MT translated status.

  • Add highlighted zone for Context links: In CATALYST 10, Context links were introduced as a new available metadata to add to individual segments. The context link is a great means of attaching visual context information by hosting a screenshot or document online, or alternatively give the reference files along with the TTK. A feature widely appreciated by all our users.

    With CATALYST 12, you can take this one step further by highlighting a specific section of the screenshot making it easier and faster for the translator or reviewer to see the selected segment in context.

Term Harvest

Term Harvest also gets a major upgrade in Catalyst 12 by producing bilingual terms list, where the translation of terms is detected via a sophisticated identification algorithm. Context is also provided for both source and target text, so the user can manually fix or adjust the automatically generated list of terms.

Term Harvest
New features introduced in CATALYST 11.0

New Software File Support

  • JSON: Java Script Object Notation is a software resource format containing name-value pairs, sometimes in a hierachical format. The ezParse technology in Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 has been extended to offer a rules based approach to identifying the parts of JSON that need translation (similar user interface to xml and text parsing).

  • Ribbon Controls: The best way to achieve a right-first-time translation is to have as much information about a segment as possible at translation time. In the case of a Ribbon UI, this requires seeing the segment in full context. Continuing its tradition of visual localization, Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 presents Microsoft Ribbon Controls with a full visual display as well as the standard string list of segments.

    Translate Application Ribbons

New Documentation Support

  • Microsoft Word: Just like software files, Microsoft Word documents can now be simply dropped onto the Catalyst environment to start translating. Alternatively, include them in your scripts and automatically create translation kits with your doc(x) files.

  • Adobe PDF: The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a widely used format for presenting documents in a way that is independent of hardware and software. Its global adoption means it must often be localized for new markets. Alchemy CATALYST 11 now supports this process and extracts segments from PDF for translation and localization. The translated output is a doc file which can then be converted to PDF if needed.

    Documentation Formats in Catalyst 11

New Design Format Support

  • InDesign: Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 also adds the ability to read and write InDesign documents. From within InDesign, documents can be saved to the IDML interchange format. IDML is the format supported in Catalyst. The IDML can be further edited in Adobe InDesign for any post-translation layout modification that may be required.

  • Microsoft Power Point: Presentation files ppt(x) are parsed in Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 with segments presented for translation and localization in the same way as any other format.

Pseudo Translate Expert

The Pseudo Translate Expert in Catalyst has aided countless development teams to better internationalization processes. It is a very flexible engine that covers language definition, text expansion, substitution, replacement as well as pre- and post-segment characters. Though extremely thorough, there was one enhancement that was frequently requested - users wanted more control over the level of text expansion. Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 delivers on this request by offering the ability to define different expansion rates based on the length of the source segment. It means short strings such as 'Ok' or 'Save' can be expanded by up to 300%, while longer sentences may only need 30% expansion. Not only that, but this latest edition also facilitates text reduction too.

Variable Text Expansion


  • XLIFF Export/Import: Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 adds the very exciting ability to export content from a Catalyst project to the industry interchange format - xliff. The Developer Pro edition boasts the new feature that exports Catalyst source and target segments as well as additional information such as locks, memos, context-links and translation states to xliff. The modified xliff document can then be re-imported back into the Catalyst project meaning the translation of Catalyst projects can now happen in Catalyst or any xliff editor.

    Export to XLIFF

Translation Memory

  • TM Machine Translated & Fuzzy Status: When leveraging from translation memories, Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 maintains more detail about the TM segment's status. For Review and Signed Off states were always maintained during a leverage, but Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 goes further and maintains the Machine Translated and Fuzzy Matched states of segments that have them. This is important in an agile process where linguistic review may not happen at every cycle.

  • TM Details: Our linguists requested more information about the source of translation memory hit. During the translation process when translation memory hits are offered as suggestions, Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 gives detailed information about the TM segment. New information such as where the TM hit came from and it's translation status are displayed prominently in the Reference tab of the Translator Toolbar.

  • TM Penalty: It is sometimes desirable to apply a penalty to segments coming from a particular TM. This could be if trying to distinguish between multiple TM sources, or if a particular TM is deemed to be of poorer quality. Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 makes this a simple matter by offering the option of applying a percentage based penalty at the TM level.

Updated User Interface

  • Ribbon UI: Catalyst is known for being easy to use. The three core windows of Navigator, Workspace & Translator Toolbar form a logical paradigm that facilitate selection, viewing and modification of content with in a project. This model is maintained in the latest release, but Alchemy CATALYST 11.0 adopts a Ribbon user interface to bring more of the features to the attention of users. The features are presented in logical groups and are easier to access.

    Alchemy CATALYST Ribbon
  • Layout: the arrangement of windows is updated to use screen real estate more efficiently. With access to the Experts via the ribbon, more space is devoted to the Translator Toolbar with larger areas for key aspects such as source, target and TM areas. Memos and segment properties are more logically presented and permanently visible.

Term Harvest V2.0

View term context during refinement

The initial release of Term Harvest saw the feature expertly tuned for identifying terms in software content. The new document formats supported in this edition of Catalyst required a change to how terms are identified. Term Harvest needed to become much more intelligent and much more language aware. It is now a full natural language processor that identifies terms in your content comparing usage statistics in your content with general usage. It scores and ranks the most likely terms. It comes with a new editing environment for honing the term list and facilitates this process to be done over a number of sessions by saving the list to continue at a later stage.

New features introduced in CATALYST 10.0


Alchemy CATALYST 10.0 is enhanced in all areas to provide improvements in languages supported, performance, productivity, usability, standards support and greater functionality with online help technologies.

Alchemy CATALYST provides a truly visual environment for the localization and engineering of digital content and all desktop, internet and mobile applications. This section describes the most important improvements and assumes you are already familiar with previous versions of Alchemy CATALYST.

New Experts

  • Terminology Harvest Expert: CATALYST has intimate statistical knowledge of terminology. With a sophisticated identification algorithm and an Expert for automatically removing the noise terms, Alchemy CATALYST 10 creates accurate terminology databases in minutes. Use for pre-flight with source only content or for generating approved terminology post-translation.

    Alchemy CATALYST Term Harvest Expert
  • Project Division Expert: Efficiently manage large projects by dividing segments equally between team members - with no loss of context! Optimize for duplicates to ensure repeated segments are translated only once. Merge sub-projects back into master project.

  • Update Expert: Be agile! The Update Expert ensures your parallel development and localization paths remain in synch. Available through the user interface, or via automation, this Expert instantly incorporates updates from your development cycle into your localization projects.

  • Adaptable Validation Expert: This clever innovation turbo boosts CATALYST's trusted Validation Expert. New customizable tests revolutionize Software Localization validation. Use these CATALYST 10 tests to check for consistency of user defined patterns, define your own invalid or 'black-listed' terms and verify the correct translation for precise patterns.

  • Alchemy CATALYST Consistent Pattern Test

New File Support

  • MadCap Flare: Alchemy CATALYST 10 brings its renowned feature set to the world of MadCap Flare Projects. Just drop in your *.flprj file to securely translate, visually engineer and confidently validate your MadCap Flare projects.

  • Alchemy CATALYST's solution for Android
  • Google Android APK Parsing: While source localization still remains powerful, this radical innovation brings binary localization to Android Packages (*.apk). Multilingual processing and visual display as standard for Android activity screens.

  • MS Visual Studio 2010: Launch the localization of your Visual Studio projects by simply dropping the project file into Alchemy CATALYST. The application reads your standard and .NET project files (*.csproj, *.vcproj or *.vbproj) creating TTKs with all the localizable content.

New Features

  • Automated Segment Locking: Keyword or sub-segment locking significantly improved the linguistic quality of projects localized in Alchemy CATALYST 9.0. The latest release gives this feature wings. In addition to sub-segments, users can now lock entire segments by ID or by content patterns using regular expressions. Engineer your projects once only and store the locking information in a separate file for use across all projects and by anyone on your team.

  • Machine Translation: Machine Translation sources are an integral part of Alchemy CATALYST 10. Assuming users have selected to allow MT on their projects, the new 'MT' status distinguishes between human and machine translated content. The MT functionality dovetails with Translation Memory (TM) lookup such that any segments with no TM match are automatically machine translated.

  • Search: Search by ID, search memo content, Find and Replace by regular expression, search only last results. Significant user requested productivity features that have become part of Alchemy CATALYST.

  • Cloud Hosting: Build and Share with your industry colleagues! View online or download available ezParse rules, Validation tests and Pseudo Translation Languages.

  • Context Links: External context information, such as images are now stored on a segment by segment basis. These links can be local file paths or online URLs. They can be set in the Properties area of the Translator Toolbar or in batch by inserting xliff files containing x-references.

  • Alchemy CATALYST Reference Browser
  • Reference Browser: In-context translation increases quality and time-to-market as the translation is right first time avoiding the need for iterative review. The Reference Browser is used to provide context by displaying Context Link images.

  • Memo Field: Alchemy CATALYST 10 places the memo field directly into the workspace area giving visual notification of a memo's presence and content.

  • Accelerators: Save time and enhance quality by using external references within Alchemy CATALYST 10. External reference sites such as currency/measurement convertors are now invoked using the in-app reference browser.

New features introduced in CATALYST 9.0
  • NEW Alchemy Desktop TM: This is ground breaking translation memory technology with a host of new time-saving features such as context matching, super-fast concordance searching.

  • Enhanced PerfectMatch™ Translations: Reach new levels of precision with automated recognition of context for segments stored in your TM.

  • NEW Scheduler: Create automated workflows with the innovative Scheduler. This allows you to work across several languages simultaneously improving productivity and efficiency.

  • NEW Translation Re-cycle: Take precision to a higher level! With Translation Re-cycling, your most recent translations are propagated throughout your current project and presented as translation suggestions in the Translator Toolbar. This improves consistency within the files currently being translated.

  • NEW Performance Accelerators: Use the new accelerator feature and extend the power of the Translator Toolbar by adding web services. Simple to configure, yet powerful to use!

  • NEW Multilingual Experts: Add increased velocity to your localization process! All Alchemy Experts now work with the Alchemy Scheduler making it easy to work with several languages simultaneously. A real productivity booster for Project Managers and Engineers!

  • NEW Embedded Systems: A new Size property has been added to the meta-data for each segment. This property can define segment size limitations and font information, based on characters or pixel values. This makes it ideal for translating mobile phones applications, embedded system software or even in-car display units.

  • NEW Alchemy SDK 9.0: Use the Software Development Kit to extend the features of Alchemy CATALYST and fine-tune it for your localization process. Include FREE with the Developer/PRO edition, it brings a whole new dimension to the word 'customizable'.

  • NEW Swap Languages: Create new source languages for your translation projects using this new feature. It takes your target language and converts it to the source language in a Project TTK. This can then be used as a new source for subsequent translations. Simple, yet powerful!

  • NEW Quick Info: Ever want to know the wordcount or translation analysis of a Project TTK in File Explorer. Now you can, just hover over it with the mouse and it will reveal all!

  • ENHANCED ezType™ Technology: ezType is predictive text tailored for the professional translator. It now intelligently scans your TM, Glossary and Machine Translated material to present the best possible candidates for predictive typing. An essential feature for improving productivity and accuracy!

  • NEW Analysis Expert: You asked, we delivered! Analyze the number of segment matches, count unique and repetition words and determine how many fuzzy matches can be re-used. The Analysis Expert works with all industry standard TMs (.TM, .TTK, .PPF, Alchemy Language Exchange, TRADOS TMW, SDL TM Server, TMX, TXML, XLIFF, TXT) to determine how you can maximize the re-use of previous translations and reduce your cost of translation further!

  • NEW Clean Up Expert: Consolidate multiple Project TTKs into a single, highly portable desktop or server-based TM using the Clean Up Expert. Now you can have a single TM containing all your translations for your projects! How's that for a neat trick!

  • NEW Support for new file formats: A whole range of new file formats have been added to address the growing need of our clients who regularly work with a growing and diverse range of formats. New formats now support are: Drivers (.sys), Control Panel Apps (.cpl), ActiveX (.ocx), Multilingual Language Packs (.mui), Codec files (.acm, .ax), Screen Savers (.scr), Borland Library Files (.dpl, .bpl) and ZIP archives (.zip)

  • ENHANCED The Complete Microsoft .NET Solution: Localize all variants of Microsoft .NET technologies within a single, highly visual environment. Supporting all versions of the Microsoft .NET framework, we've got you covered!

  • NEW Visual Editor for Microsoft WPF: Our WPF Translation Editor now supports the display of standard and custom widgets using a ground-breaking visual technology to provide highly realistic rendering of even the most complex of web based WPF applications.

  • NEW Comprehensive Online Help Solution: With support for the new Microsoft Help 3.0 standard, now almost every online help system can be localized, tested and engineered within Alchemy CATALYST. And, as we promised, it's all done within WYSIWYG editors!

  • NEW Productivity Enhancements: Alchemy CATALYST 9.0 sees major changes in the user interface which drives more productivity for translators, engineers and testers. As an example, engineers can now visual navigate the contents of a project using thumbnail images; translators can quickly determine how consistent their translations are; translators can now use ezType to accelerate the selection and translation of source documents. Less engineering and testing is now required for content files since these are all now worked-on in true-visual editors.

  • NEW Machine Translation: Experience the power of 2! Combine the accuracy of TM with the flexibility and speed of Machine Translation, all in a single highly interactive project environment. Connectors available FREE with the product are Google Translate and PROMT.

  • NEW Complete open standards support: Increased compatibility, no matter what the format, including XLIFF, TBX, XML, TMX, TXML and all TRADOS desktop and server based TM technologies.


Read what our clients say about Alchemy CATALYST and how it helps them achieve higher levels of productivity, quality and reduced costs.

"Alchemy CATALYST continues to lead the way in localization automation and continues to enhance productivity efficiencies, which clearly justifies the investment"Robert O'Keefe - Senior Internationalization Development Engineer, Citrix Systems R&D Ltd.
"We've been using Alchemy CATALYST for years for validating both the translation AND the source files. There is no better tool."Ursula Gawlick - Manager, Technical Documentation, Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG
"With Alchemy CATALYST we are now in control, and as a result, saving lots of money."Brigitte Benett - HP Indigo Localization PM, Hewlett-Packard Company