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Product Price
Alchemy CATALYST 2021: Translator/Pro Edition € 199 per year
Alchemy CATALYST 2021: Localizer Edition € 2,900 per year (Standalone)
€ 4,400 per year (Networked)*
Alchemy CATALYST 2021: Developer/PRO Edition € 3,900 per year (Standalone)
€ 5,500 per year (Networked)*
All prices are inclusive of technical support & upgrade to new versions.

If you want to buy new licenses or have any questions, please contact us at sales@alchemysoftware.com

* Read more about networked licenses


Upgrades are available to the latest versions of our products.

It is also possible to upgrade the edition of your software, such as moving from Translator/PRO to Localizer or to Developer/PRO.

Please email us at sales@alchemysoftware.com to identify the best upgrade path for you.