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Support Services

Are you experiencing licensing or installation problems? Then please visit our Installation & Activation support pages or email our support desk where we'll be more than happy to assist you.

There are also a large number of up-to-date articles on Alchemy products in our Knowledge Well.


Paid Product Support Services

Our clients know that expert support is one of the most critical factors for a successful deployment of localization technology. The Alchemy Support is dedicated to helping you increase productivity and satisfaction and enabling you to maximize the benefits you achieve with Alchemy TM solutions.

Alchemy Support Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of focused services that support your deployment of Alchemy CATALYST within your organization. Powerful and easy to purchase, these services range from subscriptions for software updates to product support that delivers flexible solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Our portfolio of support services includes

  • Product Support - An annual subscription service that provides direct access to Alchemy CATALYST experts via the phone and/or email to assist with installing and operating Alchemy CATALYST software, plus access to maintenance releases.

  • Updates Subscriptions Service - An annual subscription service that provides direct access to Alchemy CATALYST experts, plus a pro-active delivery service for Alchemy product updates, maintenance releases, and patches.
  • Product Support
  • Updates Subscription Service
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Product Support

Product Support is designed to provide a premium level of support to Alchemy CATALYST customers that require a direct line of contact and access to the Alchemy CATALYST support team. Product Support delivers tailored, flexible support solutions built to meet your specific business requirements. Services can be delivered remotely, at your site and/or from an Alchemy Authorized Partner located close to you.

Product Support enables you to:

  • Provide world-class technical support to your end-user customers by supplementing your localization and development staff with Alchemy CATALYST expertise.
  • Reduce system downtime and increase system availability with proactive technical services.
  • Download maintenance packs released during the subscription period.

The Benefits of World-Class Support

With Alchemy Product Support, you receive superior support that increases your productivity and maximizes the value of your investment in Alchemy technology. Benefits include:

  • Assistance from Alchemy Technical experts, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, via the web or telephone
  • 24x7 web access to rich technical resources and a repository of technical best practices
  • Solutions-based on global standards and best practices to ensure consistent, accurate support

Components of Alchemy Product Support

Alchemy Product Support offers direct access via both the telephone and the web to our skilled staff of technical analysts for problem resolution, bug reporting, and technical guidance. Assistance and problem resolution include:

  • High quality problem analysis and responsiveness
  • Prioritisation of problems based on problem severity
  • Pre-announcement of maintenance releases, product updates and patches.
  • Free enrolment into the Alchemy Primer series of monthly technical articles.

Alchemy support specialists are trained in problem analysis and take a focused and structured approach to solving critical and time-sensitive issues. Their rigorous technical and customer training, combined with practical hands-on experience with Alchemy products and operating systems, ensure consistent, reliable, and knowledgeable response to your questions and problems.

Updates Subscription Service

The Updates Subscription Service provides you with access to Alchemy product updates, maintenance releases and patches released during the subscription period and distributed on CD Packs and via the Alchemy WEB site.

This annual subscription service entitles you to the latest available product updates, patches and documentation. The Updates Subscription Service is the base level for all Alchemy Support services. Purchasing an Updates Subscription Service is a prerequisite for Product Support.

Alchemy Updates Subscription Service offers several critical benefits:

  • Stability and predictability - Receive and install the latest product maintenance releases; eliminate known problems; enhances the stability of your Alchemy based system.
  • The latest technology - Implement the latest product release and maximize system functionality and availability.
  • Direct contact with Alchemy Developers - Members of the subscription service can discuss product requirements and suggestions directly with the development team, whereby these suggestions may eventually become features in new editions of Alchemy products.
  • Pre-Beta Releases - During the beta phase of development, versions of the next generation Alchemy technology is made available to members of the Updates Subscription Service. This is a way of keeping our customers current with new developments within our company and also engaged in the development of next generation localization technology.

Our Updates Subscription Service can enhance business productivity and it can strengthen your competitive position in the localization market via proactive and highly responsive services designed to increase system reliability and business efficiency.

Technical Support Testimonials

Read what some of our clients say about the quality and reliability of Alchemy Technical Support:

"The Alchemy Catalyst support team are great! They have helped us out many times now and have always been able to provide us with a solid answer to our queries. No matter how obscure our queries are or how difficult the issues have been the Alchemy support team have always been on hand to give us a solution."Giuseppe Lai - Group Marketing Communications Co-ordinator - Renishaw
"I really want to give many thanks to Alchemy Catalyst support. Since they always take great considerations for their customers, by instantly responding emails and resolving questions. From my experience, they are patient to listen to my confusions, and can always find a solution by offering their crystal explanations for me. It's a pleasure being a customer with them!"Bowen Zhang - Translation Software Engineer - SAP
"Philips Healthcare has been using Catalyst to localize all our Software products since 2000. While we started with Catalyst 4 localizing just software strings, we are now up to Catalyst 10 and using it for both software & help files. The tool helped us streamline and control the localization process and is welcomed by the localization engineers and translators for its ease of use & helpful features.
  • Ability to package all necessary files into a single ttk and later extract the translated equivalent with a few key strokes greatly streamlines the processes
  • Ability to reuse previously translated strings via Leverage, TM & glossary is an integral part of our processes
  • Ability to check for all kinds of errors by the Validate Expert greatly improves the quality of the translation
  • Ability of Catalyst to constantly incorporate the latest software development environment from C to C++ to C#/.NET etc enabled us to grow together.

Since no complex software product ever comes "out of the box" flawless and with all the necessary features, Catalyst was no exception. As good as the product was and is, what really won my appreciation is the responsiveness of the support team and the R/D team behind them that took care of the problem & issues I brought to their attention. Without these quick responses and solutions, our successful growth together would not have been possible."

John Doue - Localization Architect - Philips Healthcare
"I have been an Alchemy CATALYST user for more than eight years, and I have always appreciated the quality of personal attention that I have received when I needed help. My requests for license transfers are often implemented within the hour, sometimes immediately. Potential bug reports are responded to rapidly, often with a helpful workaround while the issue is being investigated. I am a happy customer"Steve Hackett - Nikon
"I did not want to leave on holidays without thanking you again for your assistance on resolving the Borrow licensing issue for the XP machine. It is in this type of problem that we could kick ourselves for not renewing our support agreement."Marco A. Alvarez - ACDSystems
"Thank you very much for sorting this out so fast and smooth. I have not seen so much customer focus and dedication, as I saw today from Alchemy, for quite a while. It is a real pleasure to work with you!"Roman Mirakhmedov - Vice President, Global Business Service, OKTAM GROUP

To find out more about Alchemy Support Programmes and have an Alchemy sales representative contact you to discuss your support requirements, please email us at sales@alchemysoftware.com.