Use Clean Up Expert to create or update translation memories to include your latest translations. The Clean Up Expert is used to create Alchemy  TMs.

All the contents of a TTK (Translations and MetaData) are cleaned up to a .tm file using the Clean Up expert. This means leveraging from an Alchemy TM, or the TTK is was cleaned up from, will yield the very same results.

While a TTK project enables users to generate localized versions of the files inserted for translation, a .tm file only contains all the translation data and thus cannot generate localized files directly.

The Alchemy TM is a multilingual translation memory that can be used to centralise all your Project TTKs, and subsequently used by the Catalyst Experts.

Use it at the end of a project to consolidate all of your Project TTKs into a single, highly portable, Translation Memory.

Files to clean up


Select the files that are to be processed by the Clean Up Expert here. Click on  and use the File Open dialog box to locate and select files. To delete files from the list, highlight them using the mouse and click on

 Extract Files


Select this option to extract files from a project file and create the translated target file.

 TMs to Update


Select the TM that is to be created or updated by the Clean Up Expert.

  • Create a new TM: Click on  and use the File Open dialog box to navigate to the folder where you want to create a new TM. Type the name of the new TM and press OK to continue.

  • Selecting an existing TM: Click on  and use the File Open dialog box to navigate to the location of an existing TM file, then press OK to continue.

Remove Graphics from Alchemy desktop TMs


Select this option to remove binary objects (such as graphics) from Alchemy desktop TM files. This will reduce the size of the TM and improve lookup and load performance.

Log File


The Log File contains an audit trail of the outcome of each Clean Up operation. You can specify a new filename here or use the one provided. The results of the latest  Clean Up operation is always appended to the end of the log file.

Clean Up Progress and Warning Messages

The following messages will be displayed in the results toolbar to track the progress of a Clean Up operation:


Updating an Alchemy TM

You may Clean up to an existing TM at any point of your localization process. New entries will be added to the .tm and existing translations (from the very same source) which have been updated will also be updated in the .tm. Segments are not duplicated from Cleaning up the same project multiple times.

It is also possible to edit the contents of a .tm file directly within CATALYST. Lean more about Editing an Alchemy TM file.


Saving to GlobalLink TXML Files

Use the File Export command to create GlobalLink compatible TXML files. This is helpful if you want to create a TM that can be used by GlobalLink or Wordfast translation memory or workflow products.

Saving TRADOS Compatible Files

Use the File Export command to create TRADOS compatible TTX files. This is helpful if your client wishes to receive TRADOS TTX files back at the end of a translation project. TRADOStag (TTX) is an XML-based file format for representing both tagged text output and bilingual data.

 TTX replaces BIF as the file format for bilingual documents.