You can enhance the capabilities of Alchemy CATALYST using powerful plug-in components. Designed to integrate directly with the kernel functionality of Alchemy CATALYST, these components add unparalleled power, flexibility and scalability to your localization technology investment.



The World's Most Advanced .NET Solution

The Alchemy .NET Visual Localization Component is the most advanced and comprehensive visual localization solution for Microsoft .NET applications.



Making Translators work together

The Alchemy TRADOS™ Component is a high performance plug-in to Alchemy CATALYST, the market leader in visual localization solutions. It captures, stores and standardizes your localized content enabling company-wide reuse of translations.



Localize Database Content - Using Visual Tools

The Alchemy Database Component gives localization engineers complete control over the localization of databases - from Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB 2 down to MS Excel and MS Access.



Maximize re-use of web based content

The Alchemy WorldServer Component is a high performance plug-in to Alchemy CATALYST to facilitate the re-use of translated material stored in an Idiom WorldServer deployment.

There are many plug-in components available for Alchemy CATALYST. Some have been designed and developed for specific customer installations while others have been designed for the general computer market.