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Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 sets new standards with Total Visual Localization

Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 offers over 120 new features for more productivity and more flexibility.

DUBLIN and SALEM – August 5, 2005 – Alchemy Software Development Limited, the world leader in visual localization solutions, today announced the release of Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0, the newest generation of the worlds most popular visual localization technology. This new release contains new innovations and technologies providing more features, more productivity and more flexibility for project managers, localization engineers and freelance translators.

Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 supports all aspects of the localization workflow, from translation, engineering, testing and project management. Using Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 you can enjoy:

  • Huge Localization Costs Savings: Using Alchemy’s ezMatch™ Translation Memory technology, ensures that you never translate a sentence twice and it can be re-used several times. This improves productivity and results in significant translation savings. Additionally, since ezMatch™ technology also re-uses layout information, you also enjoy significant productivity gains in localization engineering and testing. Savings of 50-60% are possible depending on the quality of your translation memories.

  • Higher Quality Translation: Alchemy CATALYST™ hides the complexity of underlying technology and file formats, presenting text for translation in highly visual and contextually rich editing environments. This enables the translator focus on the accuracy and precision of their translations, helping organizations improve the quality of their software applications and improving their corporate brand image.

  • Rapid Return On Investment: Organizations that have deployed Alchemy CATALYST™ within their localization workflow have enjoyed savings on direct translation costs combined with productivity gains in engineering and testing. Coupled with faster release times to international markets, these benefits make a rapid return on investment a certainty. In a typical deployment, a return on investment can be achieved in three to six months or shorter.
“High-quality translation of software applications is crucial to the success of multi-national companies.” said Tony O’Dowd, CEO Alchemy Software Development, “Today’s highly competitive markets require solutions that lower overall costs, reducing time-to-market and improving quality. Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 meets these requirements head-on. Using our unique visual editors and an intuitive user interface, it compliments the work of localization professionals helping them work more efficiently and produce higher quality translations.”

“Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 is a total visual solution for the localization industry”, said Enda McDonnell, Chief Architect Alchemy Software Development, “Just as visual development tools improved developer productivity and efficiency, Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 will do the same for localization engineering and translation teams”

Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 is enhanced in all areas to provide improvements in languages covered, performance, productivity, usability, standards support and greater functionality with the next generation of TRADOS enterprise product technologies.

Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 provides more than 120 enhancements over Alchemy CATALYST™ 5.0 and provides a truly visual environment for the localization and engineering of digital content and Microsoft desktop, internet and mobile applications.

  • Productivity Enhancements: Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 sees major changes in the user interface which drives more productivity for translators, engineers and testers. As an example, translators can quickly determine how consistent translation is by using the Language Consistency checker. This ensures that translation is consistent with any active glossary or TM across all files within a Project TTK (Translator Tool Kit). Less testing and engineering is now required for digital content files since these are now worked-on in true visual editors.

  • Visual HTML Solution: Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 provides a fully visual solution for the translation, engineering and testing of HTML document (and all derivatives). Working in a true WYSIWYG environment, translating HTML pages has never been so easy!

  • Microsoft .NET 1.x Solution: Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 now supports all Microsoft .NET platform technologies, including Microsoft Framework 1.x and ASP+ derivative content files. This makes it the only complete .NET solution on the market today!

  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 Ready!: Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 is also certified and ready for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 Enterprise Architect.

  • Complete open standards support: Increased compatibility, no matter what the format, including XLIFF, XML, TMX and all TRADOS desktop and enterprise technologies.

  • Enhanced Support for all Unicode Languages: Unicode support in Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 has been enhanced significantly. All Unicode language combination are now supported as both source and target translations. For example, it is now possible to translate from Japanese into Chinese from within the same project TTK. Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 now supports over 120+ language combinations all from within the one environment.

  • Total TRADOS Integration: Work seamlessly with past, present and future versions of TRADOS desktop and enterprise technologies such as TRADOS TM Server, TRADOS Translator’s Workbench (3.x, 5.x, 6.x ) and MultiTerm iX Server. Working in partnership with TRADOS Corporation. Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 is also TRADOS 7.0 ready!

  • Alchemy Concordance Manager™: This new technology can search across a wide variety of terminology and TM formats including all TRADOS formats and Alchemy CATALYST™ Project files.

  • PowerTranslate™ Technology: This is a collection of technological enhancements to Alchemy CATALYST™ 6.0 which provide a uniquely visual and highly productive environment for professional translators. For example, using Auto-Translate software applications can be fuzzy translated using almost all known TM and glossary formats available today.

  • Visual XML: Alchemy CATALYST™ provided the world’s first secure XML translation solution and now it’s been enhanced to provide a more visual environment for working on these highly complex file formats. You can now assigned locks in ezParse rules and define IDs within XML documents.

For more information on Alchemy Software Development Ltd., please go to www.alchemysoftware.com.

About Alchemy Software Development
Alchemy CATALYST™ is the world's most recognized visual localization technology. 80% of the world's largest software companies use Alchemy CATALYST™ to accelerate entry to international markets, improving revenue growth opportunities and reducing their costs.

With over 11,000 licenses worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST™ is the dominant visual localization technology among professional development companies, localization service providers and global technology leaders such as Siemens, Corel, Philips, Canon, JD Edwards, VistaTec, Bowne Global Solutions and SDL.

Alchemy's technology is designed to boost the efficiency and quality of globalizing software products and is used by software development and globalization companies worldwide. With over 12,000 licenses installed worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST™ is used by translators, software engineers, quality assurance specialists and project managers and is referred to as the Gold Standard in Localization.

Alchemy Software Development has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland at Harcourt Business Center, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, and has offices and facilities in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the United States.

For more information on the company and its products, please refer to http://www.alchemysoftware.com/